Alaska bakehouse

917 Glacier Ave, #102

99801 Juneau, AK



The Alaska Bakehouse is aimed at producing quality education and home baking products for Alaskans starting with wholesale croissants here in the capital city. Founder Eric Oravsky worked in many resorts and bakeries around the world, and baking has become a part of his everyday life. Baking has a wholly different feeling from cooking. It is feast and famine. Fast and slow. Hot and cold. But most of all, it is methodical, calculated, and delightful. 

Our goal is to create a home grown culture of home bakers, or real sourdoughs as it were...



Coppa — This cozy little ice cream and coffee shop is hosting us in our infancy and is also where you can find some of our baked goods among their own! Swing by to try a scoop of ice cream with a croissant. ;-P

60° Coffee and Tea — A pretty view on the dock and distributors of Chaga, a mushroom hailed to be the king of herbs due to its high antioxidant properties. Take a little time to heal and indulge a little with a pastry to boot! :-D

Rainbow Foods — Juneau's Health food story in the heart of downtown is now serving Alaska Bakehouse croissants! Grab your groceries, catch up with neighbors, and enjoy some flaky buttery goodness while you chat. :-)

Coming soon: Devil's Club Brewing, Amalga Distillery, Salt and Soil Marketplace, The Port.